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Cocker Spaniel Breeders

Fur-ever pawsome buddies!!

 The best reason to buy a purebred is predictability. Purebreds are bred to meet a breed standard that lays out, size, appearance, and temperament. You will know upfront how big the mature adult will be, what type of coat he or she will have and its grooming requirements, how much space he’ll need and how much exercise. You’ll know what kind of personality traits he’s likely to have based on what the breed was bred to do.  When choosing a breed, keep in mind that each breed of dog developed certain instinctive characteristics to enable them to do the job they were bred to do. Also keep in mind such factors as: how big will the adult dog get, the barking factor, digging, shedding and grooming, allergies, exercise requirements, common health problems, and the fit with your family (is it good with children, can it spend time alone). The better you honestly assess your lifestyle and needs, the better a potential pet will fit into your family and the happier people and dog will be!

Cocker Spaniel

History of Cocker Spaniels


The cocker spaniel, often referred to as the American cocker spaniel, descends from the English cocker spaniel. The name "cocker" comes from the woodcock, a game bird that these dogs efficiently flushed out for hunters.
Cocker spaniels were introduced to the United States in the late 1800s and were still considered the same breed as the English cocker spaniel. American fanciers selected for smaller size, greater coat, and a rounder head; today, the cocker spaniel and the English cocker spaniel are considered separate breeds. The cocker spaniel is smaller than its English counterpart and is the smallest of sporting dogs.
Although still considered a proficient hunter and sporting breed, cocker spaniels are more often family pets. Their popularity soared after World War II. In 1984, cocker spaniels were the number one breed registered with the American Kennel Club.


American Cocker Spaniel

The American Cocker Spaniel is a breed of sporting dog. It is a spaniel type dog that is closely related to the English Cocker Spaniel; the two breeds diverged during the 20th century due to differing breed standards in the United States and the United Kingdom. 

Hypoallergenic: No

Life expectancy: 12 – 15 years

Weight: Male: 7–14 kg, Female: 7–14 kg

Colors: Black, Tri-color, Tan, White & Buff, Brown, Silver, Red

Temperament: Even Tempered, Merry, Sociable, Outgoing, Trusting, Joyful

Height: Male: 37–39 cm, Female: 34–37 cm

Image by Burak Alperen Yılmaz

English Cocker Spaniel

The English Cocker Spaniel is a breed of gun dog. It is noteworthy for producing one of the most varied numbers of pups in a litter among all dog breeds. The English Cocker Spaniel is an active, good-natured, sporting dog standing well up at the withers and compactly built. 

Hypoallergenic: No

Life expectancy: 12 – 15 years

Colors: Black, Blue Roan, Orange Roan, Black & Tan, MORE

Weight: Female: 12–15 kg, Male: 13–16 kg

Temperament: Affectionate, Friendly, Playful, Faithful, Quiet, Trainable

Height: Female: 36–41 cm, Male: 38–43 cm

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